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Las Vegasphere Vol. 2 (featured on Sirius Satellite Radio, Area 38)

1. Blank and Jones feat. Bernard Sumner - Miracle Cure (Glenn
    Morrison and Bryon Wong Dub Remix)
2. Johan Vermeulen - Mindgame
3. Marco Torrance feat. Tiff Lacey - Free of Fear (Incolumis Remix)
4. Seth Hutton feat. Judie Tzuke - Don't Look Behind You (Saari Dub Mix)
5. Steve Allen and Ben Alonzi - Wildfires (Gabriel Cage Remix)
6. Messler - Prepare (Original Mix)
7. Sami Saari - The Punch (Original Mix)
8. Adrian Ivan - No One Else (Deep Mix)
9. Envotion - Familiar Places feat. Misa Furtak (Original Mix)
10. Ashley Wallbridge - Tempest (Original Mix)
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